Snowboard Sizing – A Crucial Factor When Finding Your Best Snowboard

Well hello there. Today I’ll talk about snowboard sizing and how it is such a crucial and important process when picking out a snowboard.

When you hit the slopes, you want to have fun snowboarding, not make it a chore to ride in the snow. Snowboarding should be fun and the sizing is such a crucial factor when picking out your perfect snowboard for when you go to the mountains.

Also, snowboarding is also an extreme sport which means it is dangerous and that means you’re open to a crash that can leave serious injury or result in even death if you don’t pick a right board. Picking out a board that fits your size and fits you is important since safety is a very important key when snowboarding.

First of all, snowboards are not cheap. They are expensive as hell! That’s why when some people they want to buy a snowboard, the process is so stressful to them and leaves them feeling indecisive!

They want to pick out a board that will be perfect for them and in order for that to happen, they must take a look at snowboard sizing into consideration.

For snowboard sizing, your board that you pick out must be based on your weight and your weight will determine the length. Your weight determines how a board will ride with you on it. Almost all boards have a suggested rider-weight-range for the different lengths on offer. Since the board doesn’t know how tall you are, it only knows the amount of force of your weight that’s pushing on the board, so your weight is an important factor in choosing your board.

Also, you must pick out what kind of style rider you are. Are you a beginner, a freestyler, or you love adrenaline and speed, because different riding styles demand different styles and lengths of the board.

For beginners, you must pick out a board that is shorter than usual riders since it will be easier to control and turn maneuver. Freestylers also choose a shorter board since their riding style is freestyle and they can turn easily. As for the riders who love speed, they must choose a longer board since it will be more stable when they ride down those slopes super fast.

Also when you are shopping for a board, don’t rush to pick out your board. Go to a snowboard shop and ask for a demo, which you can try out the board yourself and see how it feels.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask the staff there about their ideas of what kind of board they would suggest since some of them might even be snowboard enthusiasts. But remember they are doing customer service and trying to sell products so make sure you have in mind what you want already and the sizes that you choose. You just want a simple tips and ideas from the experience ones, if you have no prior experience.

Snowboard boot sizing is also important when picking out a board because when you ride, you don’t want your heels and toes to be grinding against the snow when you’re maneuvering turns. It will be a big hassle. It would make riding a chore to do and it will not be fun. Trust me on that. Make sure that your boot size will fit your board and that when you pick out a board, take boot size into consideration.

Also, gender also plays a big role when picking out a board since they also make snowboards for men and women. Snowboards made for women are designed for females’ who have smaller foot size, lighter weight, and a lower center of gravity. Snowboards for men are designed for a variety of male characteristics such as larger boot size and a wider stance. But just to be sure, make sure the board that you’re buying is for your gender since it will have a big effect if you get it wrong. I hope no one is confused about what gender they are, or that will be a big problem.