3 Reasons Why Capix Helmets Are Wonderful Snow Equipment

Extreme sports like snow boarding need gear that could deliver on sturdiness along with convenience. If the equipment is not able to take the pounding, that could possibly suggest a hill of injuries for the athlete.

Comfort plays an essential function too as any irritation throughout critical moments of a competitors may impact the concentration of a snowboarder. It would certainly not hurt if they look downright cool too. Capix safety helmets tick all 3 boxes.

Severe sports has actually long been connected with the Capix brand name. They have generated for people as well as groups which ask for the best when it comes to severe sports. In snowboarding, Capix have actually also teamed up with Spy Optic to establish a distinct line of helmets with the help of the really gifted snowboarder, Louie Vito.

The range of Capix snow helmets have actually been the choice of lots of severe sportsmen because many factors. Below are 5 of them.


Extreme sporting activities like snowboarding need to have a large sign. Sports like these contain a quite high degree of danger and also draw in adrenalin junkies as well as those who do incline obtaining a couple of bones cracked or a few joints disjointed. That claimed, defense is still a should is one wants to restrict the number of injuries ought to as well as regrettable occurrence take place. This is why the gear you utilize need to be of the greatest grade.

Capix snowboarding safety helmets like the Capix Spy Optic Louie Vito compilation are made from high thickness injection formed ABS shell. ABS is a sort of plastic which is lightweight, challenging, heat immune and also influence immune. This makes it ideal for usage as component of a set of defensive gear in extreme sports.


Capix snowboarding safety helmets are comfortable many thanks to using a high influence EVA foam lining. Using EVA foam supplies great shock absorption, durability and also grasp so the headgear stays in location throughout jumps, rotates, landings, turbulence and also drops.

The Capix snow safety helmets likewise feature an easy ventilation for off-season training.

Contributing to the comfort and safety and security aspect are removable cushioning and also removable ear pads with integrated neck roll. The Capix Louie Vito X headgear also has a securing system situated at the rear of the helmet the keep the Spy Optic snow goggles securely in place.


It is a well-known reality that Capix snow helmets are quality equipment that is both comfy and durable. One appearance at the compilation of Capix headgears would certainly reveal the apparent quickly, they look quite darn amazing too. And also not merely the ones with Louie Vito fixed up on them.

Undoubtedly, Capix safety helmets look like they were developed by snowboarders for fellow snowboarders. As well as not by some designer secured in a dungeon somewhere that has never ever even touched a snowboard.

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