Used Snowboards – Tips On Buying The Right One

Snowboarding is a fun sport but it is also an expensive one. Some people become interested in the sport and really want to try it out but are amazed by how much a new snowboard costs and all the gear that you need to prepare for it. It’s a big investment and if you’re a person starting out, it may be the better option if you buy a used snowboard to get a feel of what kind of board you want before investing in your perfect snowboard.

If you are a beginner, it’s a great idea to buy a used snowboard instead of a new one if you’re coming off new to this sport. Plus, we all know how expensive buying a new snowboard can be. Hundreds of dollars spent for a new one is a big and risky investment and if you’re new, buying a used snowboard may be the better option. Buying a used snowboard will save you tons of money and may even get you familiarized with the sport itself first.

But if you are an experienced rider, it depends on your riding style that if you want to get a new board or not. If you do competitions and what not, I suggest you buy a used board since you can do a lot of experimenting with it and you can have a variety of board which you can use for the competitions or when you actually go to the slopes to ride for fun.

The thing about buying a used snowboard is that if you can’t find one locally like the classified ads, you’re going to have to go online. In my earlier posts, I talked about how crucial it is to know your right snowboard sizing when picking out a board and if you can’t test the board you’re buying, it’s going to take a bit harder work for you. But going online to buy your used snowboard is a great idea because there are a bunch of deals out there waiting for you. You can go on eBay which not only shows pictures and useful information on the product that you’re buying but there are a variety of used snowboard and other snowboarding accessories.

Another one is Craigslist, if you live in the states. Craigslist you can even meet with the person you’re buying from and see for yourself what the board will even look like and test it out.

The important thing to check for when buying a used snowboard is of course if there is any damage on the board. Make sure when checking around the board, remove the bindings to see if there dents or cracks on the bindings, removes any stickers to see if there are any damage on the board.

If you get lucky, you might find a perfect board for you and it’ll feel brand new, even though it’s a used one. That’s the good thing about used snowboards, even though it is used, once you find that good one for you, you hit up the slopes and it feels wonderful riding in it like it’s a brand new board.

A con about buying used snowboards is that you won’t get to pick your own design. Of course, used ones are the ones the previous owner having the board with their design, but if you’re starting off, that won’t matter much since you’re just experimenting and testing to see what kind of board is right for you when you start off with this sport.

As time goes on, you have more experience and a good feel of what is good and bad for you in a board, and then you can invest in a new snowboard for you since snowboards are not cheap when they are brand new. But remember like I said, there are always discounts lurking around. You just have to find them.

For beginners, like I said in the earlier articles, you want a short board just like freestylers since it will be easy for you to maneuver. Also, boot size is also important when picking out a used snowboard since not all boards are the same sizes. You don’t want your toes and heels to be grinding against the snow when you ride. It’ll be a pain in the ass.