The Primary Factors to Help With Picking the Right Snowboard Length

Size – what is the right snowboard length for you? If you’ve never owned or bought a board before, you’ve got no experience to help with the act of choosing the right size of snowboard. This is a problem because there are many factor that influence the right length for you. Because snowboards are an expensive item to buy, it’s easy to see why the issue of snowboard sizing comes up so frequently. New snowboarders don’t want to make an expensive mistake and end up with a board that’s wrong for them!

What happens if the board is wrong for you? When you ride a snowboard that is to small for you, the board will wash out, it’s flex will be overwhelmed by your weight and you won’t get stability at speed. On the other hand, in cases where the board is excessively long for you, it’s going to appear awkward; you probably will not be have the ability to flex the stick easily, making it difficult to produce turning. It is going to be a headache to use.

So how do you decide on what it the right length for you?

To start with, your bodyweight is going to be main element which decides the way the board is going to perform with you on it, rather than your height. Practically all boards come with a suggested bodyweight range for the snowboarder, it’s usually on a sticker on the board and you can also find it on the company’s website. This will let you zero in quickly on the right length for your weight.

Even so, specific snowboarding styles require specific sizes of board, and given the big difference in snowboard design, this is where you need to start. As an example, shorter boards are typically put to use by beginners and freestyle riders, whilst more lengthy snowboards will be chosen for powder riders. You really must decide what you would like the board for, what type of riding you’ll be doing most, or place the most emphasis on. As soon as you’ve done that, return the to weight-range guidance for boards in that area, as they’ll get you to roughly the right length, quickly.

If you haven’t owned a snowboard before, or ridden a rental board for a long time, you’ll be missing out on experience that can help you with the choice. That is exactly where seasoned store workers come-in. You should be able to rely on the guidance given by the staff in a good snowboard store. They can help you with deciding on the right snowboard style along with the appropriate length. Just don’t forget, they are there to sell things to you, so there is an element of salesmanship merged in with most things they suggest.

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