Lake Tahoe Honeymoon Ideas

If you’re planning a wedding you’ll no doubt be looking for a fun and romantic place to begin the honeymoon once the vows have been consummated, and Lake Tahoe is an excellent honeymoon destination to consider when beginning your search. With the abundance of fun activities to engage in and the romantic setting the lake and mountainous region provides, having a Tahoe honeymoon is a great way to celebrate the beginning of your new marriage together.

Lodging will more than likely be your first consideration, and there are a lot of choices when it comes to classy resorts that are perfect for the newly married couple. There are major hotels on both the south and north shore of Tahoe that cater to newlyweds, including luxury rooms and themed bridal suites. Many accommodations also include spas, fitness centers, indoor or outdoor swimming pools and various shops to browse in. Additionally, many of the Nevada side resorts and hotels include casinos where you’ll enjoy fine dining, nightly showroom performances, slot machines and table games.

Depending on the time of year there are many different types of outdoor activities you can participate in and enjoy together. If you’re having a winter wedding and honeymoon in Tahoe, skiing and snow boarding are quite popular in wintertime months. There are over a dozen world-class ski resorts to choose from all around the lake. Heavenly Ski Resort on the south shore and Squaw Valley USA on the north are two of the larger and well-known ski resorts of Lake Tahoe. Other winter activities include snow shoeing, cross-country skiing, tobogganing, snowmobiling and a romantic wintertime cruise across the lake on either of the legendary paddle wheelers, the MS Dixie II or Tahoe Queen.

Summertime is just as romantic and exciting in Lake Tahoe as is the winter offering a host of fun things to do for the bride and groom. Activities range from casual hikes and horseback riding to jet skiing and parasailing. There are multitudes of hiking and mountain biking trails to choose from throughout the Sierras that vary in difficulty, and water sports and beach activities are available at many beach locations around the lake including boating, water skiing, canoeing, kayaking, volleyball, picnicking and barbecuing. If you’re a really adventurous couple, a daring whitewater rafting expedition on the Truckee River might be an activity you may want to consider.

Additional activities you can engage in and enjoy together are sightseeing tours. There are trolleys you can board that will take you to see the sights of Lake Tahoe and renowned Emerald Bay. Some bus tours involve day excursions to Carson City and the famous, well-preserved ghost town of Virginia City. Other day excursions available that depart from Tahoe go to the surrounding wine country such as Napa Valley.

Of course, twenty-four hour gaming is available year-round for the newly married couple in the Nevada casinos located on both the north and south shore along with loads of other entertainment provided for nighttime fun. You’ll also find a quantity of romantic, top-rated restaurants located around the lake for an intimate dining experience.

Ripened for new beginnings together, Lake Tahoe has been a wedding and honeymoon destination since its inception, providing a thrilling and romantic setting for newlyweds in celebration of their unity. From the consummation of the vows, Tahoe provides an endless adventure and a honeymoon the couple will never forget. If its romance and intimacy you want in a riveting place while celebrating your new marriage, Lake Tahoe is a destination honeymoon location worth considering.

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