Snowboard Sizing

Types of Snowboards and Choosing the Right Snowboard Size

When I first started snowboarding back in 1992 I was about the only person on the Mountain give or take a few people. Since then, snowboarding has progressed so much, that there are often as many (if not more) snowboarders on the mountain than skiiers. Today they make many different types of snowboards for each style of snowboarding and it ...

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Best Snowboards – Choosing The Right Snowboard For You

Buying the right and best snowboards for you has become a lot harder than it used to be. There are so many different manufacturers and distribution companies competing for your hard earned money and so many different types of boards. This can make it an overwhelming experience to choose the snowboard that is the best fit for you especially if ...

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Used Snowboards – Tips On Buying The Right One

Snowboarding is a fun sport but it is also an expensive one. Some people become interested in the sport and really want to try it out but are amazed by how much a new snowboard costs and all the gear that you need to prepare for it. It’s a big investment and if you’re a person starting out, it may ...

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